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We never ask my clients what their “theme” is. Themes are for birthday parties. We want to know what your vibe is, what do you want your guests to feel when they first walk in?


We want all of my clients to feel comfortable, compatible, and understood. Our initial meeting/consultation is complimentary.

Every single detail of all of my events are observed and accounted for by me, and I personally go to all of my event set ups.

To capture the essence and beauty that flowers naturally possess, we only use fresh flowers.

This is one of the most difficult questions I get asked, and also the most common.

Every event is different. Prices are all dependent on what exactly YOU want. I put together an itemized estimate detailing everything we discuss which you can then look over and see exactly how much each and every thing costs, and what you want to keep and take out or add.

To ensure I give the most accurate cost projection, I ask for a minimum of 3-5 business days. This also depends on the season, and intricacy of the event.

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